…. The present day. Conspiracies, a pandemic and a cancelled conference. Europe is in flames. 

HAve We Done Enough? University Responses to the Coronavirus

“As the clock struck twelve on December 31st bringing in the New Year, while we all celebrated with our family and friends, no one could have expected what 2020 would have in store for us all. Since the Coronavirus has hit Europe, our lives have been turned upside down, as we all find ourselves in varying degrees of social isolation and national lockdowns. Consequently, universities have closed and students are now bearing the brunt of a new online, distant education…”

Sustainable Aviation; Not Going to Fly?

“While a worldwide pandemic is raging across our continent clogging up respiratory systems, one perpetually contaminated airway seems to finally get a chance at healing. As one country after another is closing their borders, not just for refugees this time, the lungs of our planet are at last allowed to breathe. Airlines are forced to see their sales shrivel as tourism slowly tanks to halt, finally bringing a sense of quiet to the usually overburdened European city centers. A silver lining perhaps?”

Anonymity is Sacrosanct

“Cryptography, simply put, is the art of writing and solving codes. However, it has become something much more significant on the internet, where it is these codes which are used to protect information and communication in the form of encryption. Cryptography really entered the public consciousness in the late 2000s with the creation of Bitcoin… they heavily on anonymity and this goes right down to the moment that Bitcoin was created.”

Unconsciously Enlightened

“Welcome to 2020. The dawn of a new decennium encourages us to reflect on history individually and collectively. Those historical events which we have not lived through ourselves have to be told to us and we are compelled to trust the authority of our schools and universities to provide truthful information. Can we rely on their method of conveying knowledge?”

Tarred & Feathered

“The freedom to smoke is increasingly getting taken away, leading up to the question on the limit between protecting citizen’s health and protecting their freedom.”

Old Guard Misdemeanour

“With their public position as it is, it is not hard to imagine that the Royal Family have been involved in their fair share of conspiracy theories. From the outright insane (read the British monarchs being big extraterrestrial lizards hidden in human form, also referred to as the Reptilian Elite), to older and more established conspiracy theories, like the potential criminal plot behind the death of Princess Diana..”

Assisted to Elysium

“I have been warned by friends and family not to write this article. Partly because I am about to
share some extremely sensitive information, partly because they fear that I am about to lose myself in a world of paranoia and subterfuge. It is most likely more of the latter. Against these warnings, against all advice, and against common sense, I will tell you a story. This one begins at the end..”

The Hermeneutics of Suspicion

“So here is the paradox: conspiracy theories are everywhere, they are an ambient fact of postmodern life, they have replaced traditional religion in people’s minds as an unquestionable belief system. Is there… (drum- roll) perhaps… a Conspiracy to poison people’s minds with conspiracy theories?!…”