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As the days grow shorter and it becomes steadily colder outside, we retreat into our homes. We search for warmth and cosiness, physically and mentally, as to provide some respite from the gradual onslaught of winter. During these very moments we cannot help but observe our surroundings. We see the leaves diminish, until they are brown husks on the floor, we notice our breath dissipate into the chilly air, and we take stock of the icy wind, as it bites and snaps around us. It becomes apparent that the easy-going, ever-lasting nature of summer has gone. Consequently, I find this time of year is one full of reflection, and I believe that our writers haven’t held back with their articles, as they analyse and question the world around us.

Renata is battling for equality. She has recognised the sexist undertones in the sports world and challenges why they have been taken for granted for so long. Emilia and Órlaith lament over the European Union’s refugee policies – they discern where our own and our countries’ positions and responsibilities may lie. Finally, Frederique has broken into the long neglected housing market, where she has analysed the current crisis and the movements that seek to change it!

Dear reader if, like me, you find yourself wondering how we have ended up here? Marvelling at how quickly the bright light of day, succumbed so easily to the night? Or questioning why we our living our lives this way? I implore you to take on the determined and courageous nature of our writers who seek to contest and scrutinise what happens in our everyday.


Arianne Zajac, Editor-in-chief


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